About the artist

Kajsa Unge

Konst galleri stockholm sverige. Köpa modern konst och klassiska tavlor av svensk känd konstnär

Portrait of the artist Kajsa Unge

The strength of vulnerability. Her inner driving force emerges from feelings and impressions with emphasis on freedom and hope, pain and injustice. Kajsa has an attraction to the primordial power of humanity, nature and the great feminine strength, the one that is not always visible but is there. The crucial aspects our society so often rushes past and thus misses out on.

'The works are often initially created freely and intuitively, a bit like a dance'

After that, thoughts and a more structured work takes place to produce a composition. Finally, an often lengthy process begins with completing the work and giving it its expression and feeling. It may take time, a silent protest against the machinery of society and its all too fast pace.